EAOO-DOOS 2025 Meeting (Ljubljana, 16-18 May 2025)

Abstract Submission Platform

You are about to start submitting an Abstract to the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) meeting in Ljubljana (16-18 May, 2025), organised in partnership with the Optical Association of Slovenia (DOOS) and the European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO). 

Deadline for Abstract Submissions: November 3rd, 2024

As part of the Educational activities of the EAOO, we use the materials presented in past conferences as Educational Material for Professional Development and Continuing Educational purposes. If you do not oppose in the submission form, you agree that the Abstract and supporting material of your accepted communication (PDF, Power Point file, Poster) might be used for that purpose. Your authorship will be of course acknowledged.

Abstract topics

To fit with the conference theme, “Innovative Eye Care for Life”, we look forward to receiving abstracts related, but not restricted to this topic. We welcome submissions offering practical, applicable insights that delegates can implement and discuss with peers.

Submissions are welcome for Posters, Rapid Fire Communications (10 minutes), Lectures (30 minutes), and Workshops* ("hands-on" 90 minutes sessions).

* No clinical facilities will be provided for Workshops. Corresponding author should indicate the number of attendees that can be hosted and bring all the necessary equipment. 

Be precise with the information (names, titles, affiliations, etc) you provide as that will be reproduced in the official programme and the abstract booklet. 

Your abstract will be reviewed by two independent experts. The abstract can be either accepted or suggested for revision. Only if the abstract cannot be improved, might be rejected. 

Please Carefully Read The Following Instructions:  

Please note that only abstracts adhering to the guidelines, with the required format and content will be considered for review and inclusion in the programme.

Below is a brief description of the Guidelines. 

Abstract categories

  • Scientific or Research
  • Clinical
  • Optical
  • Educational

Presentation Format

The format can be for either a Poster / Rapid Fire Presentation (10 minutes) / Lecture (30 minutes) / Workshop (90 minutes). There will be a session dedicated to Student and Early Career Research (10 minutes oral presentations)

Abstracts should be maximum 300 words in length, and should be structured in the following ways, based on their type of content:

  • Scientific or Research-led abstracts: Purpose, Method, Results*, and Conclusion**
  • Clinical abstracts: Clinical topic, Content or Case presentation, Actions taken, Recommendations/Conclusions**
  • Educational abstracts: Educational topic or area, Content, Results, Recommendations/Conclusions**
  • Optical abstracts: Optical topic, Content, Results, Conclusions**

* Research results are expected to be accompanied by proper statistical analysis and relevant numerical results.
** Conclusions should be supported by the results presented in the abstract.

Some of the common reasons to required Revision or Rejection are:

  • Structure of the Abstract (lack of Purpose/Clinical Topic, Methods/Content, Results/Actions, Conclusions/Recommendations, too short or too long abstract)
  • Poor English language skills (seek for editing advise)
  • Lack of details on Purpose/Topic section
  • Lack of details on Methods/Content section
  • Lack of description and/or statistical information under Results section
  • Conclusions not related or not supported by the previous information in Results section

For Student Researchers and Early Career Researchers we will offer a separate rapid fire session. If you have completed your Bachlor's, Master's or PhD thesis no earlier than in 2024, you may choose to participate in this category. In this section, you will also be offered the opportunity to apply for a grant - the application guidelines will be communicated during the abstract submission process.

Best Poster Award Application

Welcome to the Best Poster Award application page. If you wish to apply for this prestigious award, please fill out the following form and ensure you have read the attached guidelines. If you do not wish to apply, you may skip this section. Thank you for your consideration.

EAOO Student Researcher and Early Career Researcher Grant Application

Welcome to the EAOO Student Researcher and Early Career Researcher Grant application page. If you wish to apply for this prestigious award, please fill out the following form and ensure you have read the attached guidelines. This grant is designed to support early career researchers in the field of optometry and optics. If you do not wish to apply, you may skip this section. Thank you for your interest in advancing research in our field.